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[WotLK] Complete Feral Cat DPS suite for 3.3.5

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Please make sure that you are using the latest WeakAuras AddOn.
You need to have the Bear Form and the Mangle talent learned.

Everything you need 4 FITE !!! Optimized for PVE.

Shows bleeds and Savage Roar buff, each de/buff will start glowing before expiration. In the center you will see a threat meter with coloration going from white to red.

[CAT] Mangle: The mangle can be overridden by warriors Trauma or bears Mangle and it will show it here so you don’t have to re-apply it.

[CAT] Shred glyph refresh: A counter will show Rip/Shred glyph refresh left.

[CAT] Rip power: This is intended for cats that want to track the power of the potential Rip compared to the snapshotted Rip. It takes into consideration all de auras present on you and the debuffs present on the target to calculate the percentage of this ratio. it is disabled in options by default to not overwhelm some cats.

CAT-ENERGY and CAT-COMBO: shows energy and combo points on your target, it will start glowing on Omen of Clarity proc.

CAT-CD: Will show your two most important CD’s: Berserk and Tiger’s Fury. When it is used and when it is available.

BONUS: [WotLK]Cat Externals: It will show various information, for example when you have Salv/Hysteria buff, when your target is not affected by yours or any other druid (moonkins) Faerie Fire. Another information is your Innervate cooldown, it will only show only after 45sec in fight to remind you to innervate your healers.

credit to Tzaum1 from Warmane https://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=428966

More info : https://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=433203

Discord : Nap#7746

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