Enhanced Blizzard UI

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A clean user interface for World of Warcraft Cataclysm. This UI produces very low CPU Cycles which means your UI will run smooth like the default UI by Blizzard.

How to Install:

Unzip the main file to get the pack. One of the pack must be installed in WoW Directory / Interface / Addons and the other in WoW Directory / Interface. The zip files are named accordingly so you will know where each of them goes.

This UI Contains:

Autoloot – on while solo, off while in raid
Camera -max scroll out
Chat – clean chat
Chattabs – clean tabs
Classicons – on untis not self
Copychat – rightclick on the chattap by evl
Minimap – hide crap
ikoSetting – stuff like hiding hotkeys/stancebar/auto sell&repair/hiding clock/improved Castbar
SpellID – Spellids on tooltip by zork
Unitframes – Using Whoa Template and other code from Thekunitframes – the rest is original Blizzard code
sfilter – minimalistic macro compatible addon – i use it for dark tranformation
blizzaura – using original blizzaura with script please read the blizzaura.txt
Bars – bartender/dominos like
Arena – Improved Arena frames with trinket timer
Bars – TidyBars edited by me, produce 0 CPU cycles and looks fantastic with squid skin.
Nameplates – Zork’s rNameplates Diablo style. Just change the style of Blizzards’.
Runemod – Only for Dk’s. It makes the default runebar much more functional, you can edit position, alpha and more.
Necrotic strike tracker Shows on targethealthbar Necrotic Strike stacks. awesome.


First: the tooltip show you now spellid’s, so you dont need to search on google for spellids
To see Arena Frames use command: /baf
In every .lua u can set different settings you need litte .lua unterstanding
In Config.lua you can set font, fontsize, unitframesize and more.
In settings.lua contains the most settings you can set, like debuffposition, castbar and so on.
in sfiltersettings.lua you have templates for every class(all importans spells for every class are in) in just remove “–“
in Aframe.lua u can set the arenaframes position and size