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If activated, will hide your Lootframe and automatically pick up the Loot displaying it in Blizzards Scrolling Combat Text with the Icon and the Name in the colour of the Rarity.

/SLoTe enable – enables the scrolling loot
/SLoTe activate – see enable
/SLoTe disable – disable the scrolling loot
/SLoTe deactivate – see disable
/SLoTe loot enable – shows the lootframe
/SLoTe loot disable – hides the lootframe
/SLoTe money enable – shows picked-up money
/SLoTe money disable – hides picked-up money
/SLoTe honor enable – shows honor gain
/SLoTe honor disable – hides honor gain
/SLoTe currency enable – shows picked-up currencies
/SLoTe currency disable – hides picked-up currencies
/SLoTe scale 1.0 – Sets scale to 100% (Or for ex. 0.6 for 60%)
/SLoTe test – Sends a Test message to Combat Text
/SLote help – shows the help