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Funny and/or Useful, SpeakinSpell will use random speeches in chat to announce when you use spells and other abilities, as well as items, procced effects, other events, and user-defined macros. Works with all classes. Configurable for many different situations.

Usage Instructions
How to setup SpeakinSpell in a few easy steps:

Login and play your toon for a few minutes.
Activate any abilities, trigger any procced effects, and encounter any other detectable events that you would like SpeakinSpell to announce.
Type “/ss” to access the interface options panel
Click on “Create New…” or type “/ss create” to create settings for a new spell or other event
Select the desired spell or event from the list and click the Create button. You will be taken to the settings page for that spell or event.
Change the settings to your tastes and write as many speeches as you want. Now whenever you cast that spell or encounter that event, SpeakinSpell will say one of your random messages for that event, using the channels and other rules that you defined.
Repeat until you run out of ideas for new announcements to write.

Spammy Setup Guides Method
Type “/ss guides” to enable Setup Guides (there’s also a checkbox for it under “/ss options”)
Do stuff with your toon
Observe that the spammy Setup Guides are reporting all 5k+ of every event that SpeakinSpell detects and could possibly announce
Click on the clickable links in your chat frame to [Setup New Event] announcements (equivalent to using “/ss create”) or [Edit Speeches] for event hooks you already configured (equivalent to using “/ss messages”)
Type “/ss guides” again to turn the Setup Guides back off
At any time you wish you had the Setup Guides enabled to catch a special proc effect or something, type “/ss recent” to see Setup Guides for the last 5 events detected, and last 5 events announced.
Type “/ss help” for the in-game user’s manual for complete, thorough instructions for how to make the most of every feature SpeakinSpell has to offer. It’s designed for maximum flexibility.