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Ouro Loot tracks loot during a raid and then produces output formatted for pasting on a guild forum or similar place. Loot is optionally categorized by boss if you have Deadly Boss Mods installed. Loot can be annotated with notes (getting disenchanted, awarded for off-spec, going to a guild vault, etcetera) and the forum output will be marked up appropriately. A longer-term history of loot is kept also.

This addon does not replace or augment the Master Looter interface or behavior. In fact, it specifically has nothing to do with the actual awarding of loot, only the tracking of it. So if your raids already have an addon to help with that (loot council, GDKP, whatever), you can continue using it without interference.

Some stats on the raid roster are kept for attendance tracking, although this is not the main goal. That info is primarily intended for other modules to use for data export.