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This addon replaces the unused (in 3.3.5a) LFR tab in the social menu with a working raid finder. RaidBrowser works similarly to Live WoW’s group finder, except raid leaders do not need to interact with the addon to list their group. RaidBrowser searches for LFR messages sent in chat and /y channels and lists any found raids in the “Browse” tab of the raid browser.

When searching for a raid to join in Global, there can be large amounts of text (and meaningless spam) to read in order to find anything. This addon does all the text processing work and lists all the raids in a coherent format. Each entry in the raid browser is formatted as follows to include raid leader name, raid name, gearscore requirements, and the list of needed roles (tank/healer/dps).

No longer will you join a raid and embarrass yourself upon realizing that you’ve already been locked into that raid for the week. RaidBrowser clearly highlights locked raids in red. Any raids for which you are not saved are marked in bright green. Thus, you will know beforehand whether you should ignore that raid or not.

Easily find raids hosted by other players by searching for “LFM barks” in global/trade/any chat channels. Raids are listed along with the required roles, and the minimum gearscore requirement, if any were mentioned in the message.
Identifies saved raids by coloring their name as red for locked raids, and green for unsaved raids.
Join / Double click: After clicking on an entry in the raid browser, send a formatted message to the raid host with your GS, class, spec, and highest achievement obtained for that raid.
Tooltip Hover: Hovering your mouse over an entry in the raid browser shows the original chat message, as well as how long it’s been since the message was sent.
Create primary and secondary raid sets (Ex: Elemental 5641gs) for use in join messages. In the given example, your message will be formatted in a manner similar to “inv 5641gs Elemental Shaman “. If you are pvping in WG while searching for raids, the addon will send information from the currently selected raidset to the raid host instead of your pvp (spec, gs).
Raid hosts that do not send a message after 1-2 minutes will have their entry expire in the raid browser. This ensures that the raid browser does not become cluttered.

Installation and Usage
As with any other addon, copy the RaidBrowser folder into your %WoW Folder%/Interface/AddOns directory. When in game, type /rb to activate the raid browser UI. Alternatively, the interface can be accessed as follows:

Open the social menu (Press O),
Select the “Raid” tab,
Click “Open Raid Browser”
It is important to join the global channel in order for the addon to find raids. If you don’t want your chat window to be filled with global chatter, you can simply hide the global channel from your default chat window.

Right-click the “General” tab
Click settings (under Filters)
Select the Global Channels tab
Make sure “global” is unchecked in the list of channels.
Now RaidBrowser will be able to find raids without having global being dumped into the General chat window.