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Organizing groups is an important, if sometimes tedious, part of running a raid. This addon helps automate the process.

Instead of manually dragging players around in the raid tab, just click a single button to set things up the way you want:

Rearrange players so that tanks, melee, ranged, and healers are grouped together. Your priest healers will thank you.
Mark tanks and ensure they have assist.

Other features:
Split your raid into two roughly equal sides for raid encounters that need it. Manually combing through damage meters to ensure that your heavy hitters are spread appropriately is for the birds. FixGroups takes care of that for you, integrating with your damage meter addon directly. Recount, Skada, TinyDPS, and Details! are all supported.
Choose a “volunteer” when you need someone to handle a certain mechanic in a fight using the /choose console command. You can narrow down the candidate pool by using /choose ranged, /choose hunter, etc. This command has many other uses as well. Type /choose in-game for details.
Track your group comp automatically. An example comp is 2/4/13 (5+8), which is shorthand for “a group composed of 2 tanks, 4 healers, and 13 dps, 5 of which are melee and 8 of which are ranged.”
Whenever a player joins or leaves your group, the server message now includes the player’s role and the new comp. Example: “Darion (Melee) has joined the raid group. 2/4/14 (6+8).”
Add the group comp to your UI if you’re running a Data Broker display addon (Titan Panel, ChocolateBar, ElvUI, etc.) FixGroups makes the comp available as a Data Broker object (a.k.a. LDB plugin).