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Raid Assist provides the necessary tools every raid leader must-have. The other addon RCLootCouncil integrates with your bis list to display if you need an item for bis or not.

Cross Gambling
Based on the popular retail addon.

/cg [number < 10,000] Example: /cg 500. Starts a new cross gambling roll /cg report reports the top and bottom 3 winners. /cg reset resets the win history. Loot Roll Handler Start a new roll by linking an item and typing roll in the same message. Optionally add x# for multiple items. Example: /rw Roll [item] x2 or /rw [item] roll ms Multiple of the same item handling Attendance Added option to ignore certain ranks when tracking attendance Attendance now tracks guild members online rather than just players in raid. Useful for a raid leader not in the main group, or people having to sit on the bench.