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The word “AESA” which stands for “Active Electronically Scanned Array”, is known as a type of radar built on phased array technology. While here, it’s a lightweight WOW addon that tracks players’ cooldowns for you and help you control the combat.

The addon processes only crucial abilities such as Kidney Shot (rogue), Will of the Forsaken (racial) and ignores worthless cooldowns such as Powerword:Shield (priest) to avoid explosive increasing of timer bars that makes you confused.


Unit cooldowns tracking (either from friendly or hostile units, at your option) within your combat log range and displays countdown timers according to your present target selection.
Support tabbed browsing of unit cooldowns. The add-on keeps a record of your target history and allows you to reinspect their cooldowns by switching between tabs without changing (and losing) the present target.
Support cooldowns tracking of focus.
Correctly handles chained cooldowns, e.g. cold snap (mage) resets CD of all frost spells and preparation (rogue) resets sprint, vanish, evasion, etc…
The last cooldown ability triggered by your target will be highlighted in order to prevent you from getting lost in dozens of cooldown timers.
Minor UI customizations: size, font, texture, etc…