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Donate money to the Guild Bank from these sources:

Commerce with merchants.
Obtain money from mob
Obtain money from quest
Obtain money from Follower Missions
Receive one email with money ( disabled in GDH 1.3.1 until this can be redone)
Guild list showing who is using the addon with your quotes and taxes.
Autosync data between guild members

Credit System
If your guild allows you take money from guild bank, as a member, the guild master can adjust one credit tax. The credited tax is added to the quota. When the player goes to the guild bank, one quota is payed in the bank. The payment percent can be adjusted by each member, as needed.

The credit tax percent on gold borrowed from the Guild Bank, is adjusted by the guild master for example- gdh credit:XX where XX is one number between 0 and 100. If no adjustments are made the default tax value is 10%.

/gdh ? : Main Menu
/gdh :Open the main interface
/gdh set :Sync with guild
/gdh get [playerName] : Get data from player
/gdh show: Show the miniwindow if it was closed
In the main interface (options) you can sync the guild tax by pressing the update button.

The amount is donated (payed) when the char returns and opens the guild bank.