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A complete set of tanking utilities. Shows a DataBroker feed and/or a small, transparent window indicating a tank’s overall avoidance, percentage mitigation, flat damage reduction and block cap status (where applicable), guaranteed minimum spell mitigation and per-school average mitigation.

Also shows effective health, records damage while in-combat to deduce EH2 against mixed physical and magic damage, and provides various class-specific stats. Values of each change dynamically as new buffs are applied / gear is swapped. Can be set to show figures appropriate to standard level 80 enemies or versus Boss mobs; in the latter case, for instance, block cap is indicated by a 100% rating rather than 102.4%.

TankTotals will also (optionally) announce to the raid when a cooldown such as Shield Wall is used and fades, when a taunt misses, whenever a targetted mitigation ability like Hand of Sacrifice is used, and (for paladins and DKs) whenever Ardent Defender or Will of the Necropolis prevents what would otherwise have been a death. It will also optionally auto-remove Hand of Protection from tanks.