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Talented is a replacement to the default Talent UI, with a lot of added features.

Feature List

See the complete talent tree on a single frame.
View and switch to your alternate spec when you’ve bought it.
Create and view templates for all classes and hunter pets. Hunters can view the spec of their pet and apply templates to them.
Set a specific template as a target, and see it when you’re spending your next talent point on level up.
Apply complete templates with a single click, after a talent wipe.
Share your current build with other, or any template you’ve made.
Import and export templates directly from the major online talent calculators.
Inspection of other characters will also inspect their alternate spec, if they have one.
Added a Glyph frame, similar to the one from Blizzard’s Default UI. This frame is independent from Talented main frame, though.
A macro command /talented apply allows to automatically apply a template based on its name.
Shift-clicking on an entry in the template menu will open the template in a secondary frame, allowing to compare two templates side by side.