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Plate Buffs (PB) displays people’s buffs above their nameplates.

Q) Will PlateBuffs work on mobs?
A) Yes. but since mobs can share the same name you’ll need to target or mouseover the nameplate so PlateBuffs can determine which nameplate belongs to what mob. Once that nameplate disappears from the screen and reappears you’ll need to mouseover/target again.

Q) What’s the question mark for?
A) It can mean 2 things. 1) We don’t know what mob that nameplate belongs to, 2) We don’t know what spells are on that mob/player. In both cases you need to target/mouseover the nameplate.

Q) Will PB work with nondefault nameplates?
A) PB should work with Tidy Plates, Aloft and caelNameplates. PB may or may not work with other nameplate addons.

Q) Can I have specific buff options?
A) Yes. Open PlateBuff’s options (/pb) and go to the Specific Spells menu. In there you can add spells and choose always/mine/never show, icon size and cooldown text size.

Q) Why do spells blink?
A) Spells will blink if there’s less than 20% of the time remaining.

Q) Can you add a clockwise cooldown overlay to the spell icons?
A) Unfortunately the clock cooldown doesn’t work well on frames that are constantly moving around the screen. It tends to disappear while the frame’s moving and only appear when the icon’s perfectly still. So as soon as you move, they move or your camera moves (including breathing up and down motion) the overlay disappears. Sorry.

Q) Why does PB use up so much memory?
A) A large part of it is a spell ID table used to add spell descriptions and icons to the specific spells list. Disable Add Spell Descriptions in the core options (and relog) to see the true memory usage. FYI: Memory usage has little impact on gameplay. CPU usage is what lowers FPS.

Q) How do I turn off all buffs except those on my Specific Spells list?
A) In PlateBuffs’ options, set both “Show Buffs” and “Show Debuffs” to none.