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Do you find yourself reshuffling your spells around on your action bars whenever you PvP or PvE? Are you finding that you have a custom main bar with 48 spells in it and 6 side bars and still need more buttons to hold all your spells, items, and macros? Have some special case spells or macros setup you wish you didn’t have to keep dragging on and off your action bar?
This addon will save all 120 actions, or just 1, and anywhere in between and let you swap them in at any time.



  • Save actions into sets. Save all 120, or just 1;
  • Swap those sets out at any time through a UI, dropdown menu, or macro;
  • Save new sets directly from your action bars, alter those sets independently of the default UI, or create them from scratch. Spells, macros, items, and even dragged from the action bars, can be dropped into the Simple Action Sets setup frame actions;
  • Action sets can swap out up to all 120 actions regardless of the bar mods used;
  • If the player doesn’t have an item at the time they swap in a set that includes it, automatically add the item to the bar when the player gets more (if the action button hasn’t been used by that time).
    Titan Panel support;