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Abraxas aims to make your life as a Warlock player easier.



  • Summon: Players in your raid group get automatically added to a summoning window whenever they write summon into the raid, party, whisper, say, or yell chat. The list is shared with all users of this addon. With one click on the summoning icon, you start summoning the player and announce it to the raid chat, say chat, and whisper the player. As soon as you successfully summoned someone the player gets removed from the list;
  • Curses: There are two modes for the curse plugin: Static and dynamic. In the static mode you can select a curse which will be cast whenever you use the macro. In the dynamic mode the most important missing curse will be cast (depending on the number of mages and warlocks in the raid CoE or CoS, after that CoR and CoT where it is needed). There are two different macros:
    • /abraxas curse cast: With this a curse will be casted if missing.
    • /abraxas curse shadowbolt: With this macro a curse will be casted if missing, otherwise shadow bolt will be casted.