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ToxiUI WOTLK 3.3.5 [PServers Only]

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ToxiUI for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King [3.3.5 Private Servers]

I want to start with a thank you, for clicking on this UI and maybe using it. Good job on trying to take your gameplay to the next level, and what better way to start than with a new UI that focuses on making everything easy for the eyes to spot.

This UI was created for Elv-UI WoTLK(3.3.5) inspired by ToxiUI from Retail/Classic.

NOTE: To get the Skada Profile go to the bottom of the Guide


The UI was done on 1920 x 1080 resolution, with Elv-UI scale set to 0.71

Step 1. Downloading the Required Addons

1. Elv-UI(Backported) – you will have to get this even if you already have ElvUI, as I’ve created my own fork and modified the code to get a better result of the UI. I don’t know alot of LUA to implement features yet.
Note: If you want to not have the cut buttons/buffs/debuffs please use the original Elv-UI
2. Elv-UI Enhanced
3. Elv-UI Custom Tags
4. Elv-UI Addon Skins
5. Elv-UI Custom Tweaks
6. SharedMedia(BKader)

Step 2. Extracting all the addons into the Addons folder

1. Go to your WoW directory
2. Open Interface folder
3. Open Addons folder
4. Open each .zip addon that you downloaded
5. Open the next folder that has -master in the name
6. Copy the files inside into Addons folder

Step 3. Importing the profile

1. Click on Copy String to get the profile string
2. Go into World of Warcraft
Press Esc and click ElvUI
In the left panel click Profiles
5. In the right panel click Import Profile
Paste the profile you just copied from here into the dialog that opened.
7. Click Import Now
Write /reload in Chat
Congrats you now have the profile imported!

Step 4. Activating the options that don’t come with the profile string

Note: When you change something in Elv-UI and the dialog that says to reload the UI pops up, you don’t need to hit Yes

1. General(Right Menu) => Chat Bubbles => Style: Remove Backdrop, Font: FuturaPTMedium, Outline: OUTLINE
2. Enhanced(Right Menu) => BlizzUI Improvements
=> Check Death Recap Frame, Animated Achievements
=> Character Frame => Check Enhanced Character, Enhanced
          Model Frame, Smooth Animations, Character Background,
          Pet Background, Inspect Background, Companion Background
    => Minimap => Check Minimap Button Grabber
   => Lose Control => Check Enable
3. CustomTweaks => Check PowerBarTexture/SecondaryHealthBarTexture


ToxiUI Skada Profile

This UI can use the class Weakauras made for NaowhUI

Mage Priest Warlock Druid Rogue Shaman Hunter Death Knight Paladin Warrior

Found some bugs or have any ideas on how to improve the profile, join the Discord Server.

Thank you again for using my UI and thanks to the developers for backporting this amazing addon to WOTLK.


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You can now import it in-game.