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Portal Sales by RoyalT

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This WeakAura can help you make gold passively by selling mage portals while you are in Orgrimmar. It auto-invites people that /say or /yell keywords like “dal” or “dalaran” you can then open trade and click the Dalaran portal that is attached to your trade frame thanks to another WeakAura I made called Clickable Mage Portals by RoyalT. You can get that one here:

– Auto-invites users based on keywords said in /yell and /say
– Helps semi-automate selling portals for gold or tips
– Can flash WoW on your taskbar when alt-tabbed and a keyword is detected
– Automatically set an X marker on you when joining a group so clients can find you easier
– Plays dungeon queue sound when a keyword is detected
– See the Custom Options tab for settings like flashing the taskbar when you are alt-tabbed and sound.

Currently this is setup for Horde but could easily be modified in the Custom Options tab for Alliance portals.

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