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Complete Feral Cat DPS suite for 3.3.5

9.1K Views - 2.7K Installs

Used by hundreds of cats for more than a year !

Discord contact: Nap#7746

Preview video: https://youtu.be/bej26RkChlo (older version)

If you are playing on a private server (3.3.5) then use the latest WeakAuras-WotLK AddOn [ https://github.com/Bunny67/WeakAuras-WotLK/archive/refs/heads/master.zip ]. You will need the latest 4.X version.

Everything you need 4 FITE !!! Optimized for PVE.

Features :
– Basic CD/Combo point/energy/bleed/buff tracking
– Glowing reminder for expiring main buffs/debuffs
– Rip shred refresh counter
– Rip bleedpower : the potential of a new rip compared to the applied one, cutting 5pts rips is only done on very rare occasions (Unholy Frenzy, Rune of Power in Ulduar etc…). But it helps visualize how your buffs impact your bleedings so sometimes you should wait for a trinket to proc etc…
– Mangle debuff tracking compatible with bear mangle and warrior’s trauma
– Target threat meter
– Externals : Hysteria/Salv/ToT/Innervate reminder/etc…
– Optional Bearweaving aura group
– Energy is shown even when in other forms
– Basic Bear ability tracking

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