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Upgrade and improve your game experience with our extensive addons library for the various World of Warcraft private servers.

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QuestHelper Download

Calculates an optimal route for you to follow while questing.

45.5K Downloads • 73.7K Views

  • cata
  • tbc
  • wotlk
  • Pawn Download

    Pawn calculates scores for items and tells you which one is better for your spec.

    23.1K Downloads • 38.4K Views

  • mop
  • tbc
  • wotlk
  • Carbonite Download

    Map replacement that includes the map and coordinates.

    17.3K Downloads • 39.1K Views

  • cata
  • tbc
  • wotlk
  • Questie Download

    Questie is a quest helper for The Burning Crusade.

    16.1K Downloads • 25.9K Views

  • tbc
  • vanilla
  • ZygorGuides Download

    Multi-purpose leveling guide and talents viewer.

    12.0K Downloads • 25.5K Views

  • mop
  • tbc
  • wotlk
  • LeatrixPlus Download

    Quality of life improvements to the default user interface.

    8.5K Downloads • 18.4K Views

  • mop
  • QuestCompletist Download

    Enables you to see what quests you have completed, and what ones you have left to do.

    7.9K Downloads • 19.1K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • wotlk
  • TomTom Download

    Acts as your portable navigation assistant.

    5.6K Downloads • 13.7K Views

  • mop
  • wotlk
  • pretty_lootalert Download

    Loot Toasts

    4.0K Downloads • 10.3K Views

  • wotlk
  • QuickQuest Download

    QuickQuest is a quest automating addon that will do the most enduring questing tasks for you.

    3.3K Downloads • 12.9K Views

  • wotlk
  • EveryQuest Download

    Quest History tracker and shows lists of quests in each category.

    3.3K Downloads • 10.8K Views

  • wotlk
  • Storyline Download

    Enhanced quest storytelling.

    2.7K Downloads • 10.6K Views

  • mop
  • wotlk
  • WhereToNow? Download

    A little tool for a quick recommendation of zones at your level.

    2.5K Downloads • 7.2K Views

  • wotlk
  • Quest-o-matic Download

    Auto accepting and turning in quests

    2.4K Downloads • 7.0K Views

  • cata
  • wotlk
  • DugisGuideViewer Download

    Streamlines your quest experience with in-game guides that will help you reach max-level easier and faster.

    1.3K Downloads • 5.2K Views

  • wotlk
  • MonkeyQuest Download

    Displays your quests for quick viewing.

    0.9K Downloads • 4.3K Views

  • cata
  • wotlk
  • XToLevel Download

    Shows mobs, quests, dungeons and battles needed until you level.

    0.8K Downloads • 4.0K Views

  • wotlk
  • QuestItemBar Download

    Automatically shows a bar with buttons for the quest items you possess.

    0.8K Downloads • 3.5K Views

  • wotlk
  • AutoQuest Download

    Simple little addon that automatically accepts and completes quests at their NPCs.

    0.7K Downloads • 2.9K Views

  • tbc
  • QuestAnnounce Download

    Announces your quest progression to your group.

    0.7K Downloads • 3.1K Views

  • wotlk
  • QBar Download

    Dynamic button bar of usable quest items in your bags.

    0.4K Downloads • 3.1K Views

  • wotlk
  • DailyChecklist Download

    Checklist and helper for daily quests.

    0.2K Downloads • 1.9K Views

  • wotlk
  • SmartQuest Download

    Group Quest Tracking.

    0.2K Downloads • 2.0K Views

  • wotlk
  • LearningAid Download

    Displays a bar of spells, abilities, tradeskills, mounts or mini-pets you've just learned.

    0.2K Downloads • 1.9K Views

  • wotlk
  • Download World of Warcraft Addons

    Private server World of Warcraft addons are modifications that are created by players and used on private servers for the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. These addons are not official and are not supported by the game’s developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

    One of the most popular types of private server addons are the Quest Helper addons, which provides players with detailed information and guidance on how to complete quests in the game. This can be especially useful for players who are new to the game or who are struggling to complete certain quests. Another popular private server addons include UI mods, which change the appearance of the game’s user interface, and class mods, which provide players with additional abilities and features for their character class.

    The addons are typically created using the Lua programming language and the game’s API, or application programming interface. This allows players to create custom scripts that can be run within the game to provide additional functionality. Some players also use third-party tools and frameworks to help them create and manage their private server addons.

    Browsing for addons on our platform is extremely simplified. You can manually explore our pages or just use the advanced searching and filtering tools that will help you find the correct addons for the expansion you play on. Don’t forget that our registered members can bookmark their favorite addons and receive web notifications whenever an addon from their personal collection gets updated. Felbite also supports server-specific addons, which will be presented as an option whenever possible.

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