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Upgrade and improve your game experience with our extensive addons library for the various World of Warcraft private servers.

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OmniCC Download

Cooldown count for everything.

51.7K Downloads • 77.5K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • tbc
  • vanilla
  • wotlk
  • ElvUI Download

    User Interface replacement AddOn for World of Warcraft.

    38.7K Downloads • 82.7K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • wotlk
  • Bartender4 Download

    Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod.

    27.3K Downloads • 45.4K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • tbc
  • wotlk
  • Cooldowns Download

    Display cooldown counters on action buttons.

    21.3K Downloads • 33.6K Views

  • wotlk
  • Dominos Download

    A main actionbar replacement.

    5.9K Downloads • 16.1K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • wotlk
  • Clique Download

    Simply powerful click-casting interface.

    4.1K Downloads • 12.8K Views

  • tbc
  • wotlk
  • Enhanced Blizzard UI Download
    Enhanced Blizzard UI

    A clean user interface for World of Warcraft Cataclysm.

    2.1K Downloads • 13.6K Views

  • cata
  • ButtonFacade Download

    Allows the dynamic skinning of button-based addons.

    1.7K Downloads • 6.6K Views

  • wotlk
  • OPie Download

    OPie lets you group actions into rings which appear when you hold down a key.

    1.6K Downloads • 6.4K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • wotlk
  • GnomeSequencerAdvanced Download

    Allows you to execute a sequence of macros without stopping on unusable spells.

    1.5K Downloads • 4.9K Views

  • wotlk
  • Masque Download

    Masque is an add-on that provides a skinning engine for button-based add-ons.

    1.2K Downloads • 3.8K Views

  • mop
  • Healium Download

    A healing user-interface addon that provides up to 15 customizable buttons.

    1.2K Downloads • 5.1K Views

  • wotlk
  • TrinketMenu Download

    TrinketMenu helps you manage your trinkets.

    1.0K Downloads • 3.4K Views

  • vanilla
  • ActionBarSaver Download

    Saves and restores your action bars.

    1.0K Downloads • 5.2K Views

  • tbc
  • wotlk
  • QuestItemBar Download

    Automatically shows a bar with buttons for the quest items you possess.

    0.8K Downloads • 3.5K Views

  • wotlk
  • TradeskillInfo Download

    TradeSkillInfo gives you all the information that you need about tradeskills.

    0.8K Downloads • 4.2K Views

  • wotlk
  • GoGoMount Download

    One-key solution for mounting/dismounting, supports spells, shapeshifting.

    0.8K Downloads • 4.4K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • wotlk
  • GreenRange Download

    Makes out-of-range buttons red. Super efficiently!

    0.6K Downloads • 2.2K Views

    DragonHide Download

    Hide the griffins that are on the sides of the Blizzard Action Bars.

    0.5K Downloads • 2.2K Views

  • wotlk
  • ButtonForge Download

    The addon lets you create as much action bars as you want.

    0.5K Downloads • 3.3K Views

  • cata
  • wotlk
  • Bongos Download

    Action Bars that boast low memory usage as well as an easy setup.

    0.5K Downloads • 2.2K Views

  • tbc
  • vanilla
  • CTMod Download

    CTMod customizes your interface to include hotbars, buff timers and much more.

    0.5K Downloads • 5.2K Views

  • wotlk
  • LunarSphere Download

    A universal sphere for all classes.

    0.4K Downloads • 6.1K Views

  • wotlk
  • AutoBar Download

    Dynamic bars with buttons that automatically adds items you specify into a button for use.

    0.4K Downloads • 3.6K Views

  • cata
  • mop
  • wotlk
  • Download World of Warcraft Addons

    Private server World of Warcraft addons are modifications that are created by players and used on private servers for the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. These addons are not official and are not supported by the game’s developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

    One of the most popular types of private server addons are the Quest Helper addons, which provides players with detailed information and guidance on how to complete quests in the game. This can be especially useful for players who are new to the game or who are struggling to complete certain quests. Another popular private server addons include UI mods, which change the appearance of the game’s user interface, and class mods, which provide players with additional abilities and features for their character class.

    The addons are typically created using the Lua programming language and the game’s API, or application programming interface. This allows players to create custom scripts that can be run within the game to provide additional functionality. Some players also use third-party tools and frameworks to help them create and manage their private server addons.

    Browsing for addons on our platform is extremely simplified. You can manually explore our pages or just use the advanced searching and filtering tools that will help you find the correct addons for the expansion you play on. Don’t forget that our registered members can bookmark their favorite addons and receive web notifications whenever an addon from their personal collection gets updated. Felbite also supports server-specific addons, which will be presented as an option whenever possible.

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