Wrath of the Lich King

Synergie goes back to Sunwell

Team Felbite
Team Felbite
22 Mar, 2022

Private server veterans are used to servers coming and leaving. The servers are not run by multi-billion dollar companies and it’s bound to have bumps here and there. Before getting to the news, let’s understand what exactly is Synergie, where it came from, and how it operates.


?What is Synergie?

Last year, 2 relatively known servers in the scene – Whitemane and Sunwell have decided to merge and create a new gaming organization called Game Freedom. The first server created by that organization was named Synergie. Synergie is a seasonal progressive Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5) private server with custom Quality of Life features, like increased experience rates, automatic spell learning as you level up, free mounts, boosted PvE encounters, and optional instant 68 level boost. The server was launched in November 2021 with around 7K players on launch day.


?What are Seasonal Servers?

Seasonal servers are private servers, progressing through the expansion content. Once the progression ends, the server is reset and players can start all over again. Usually, the progression on these servers lasts 12 months.


?The administrators announced that Synergie is leaving the Game Freedom brand

Calypso, which was one of the administrators of Synergie announced on the official Discord Server that he and another administrator going by the name of Loken will be leaving the administration position in order to start a new server under their Game Freedom brand. According to the post, the reason for this decision is “false promises” which were given to the players over the past months. They didn’t specify exactly, but it’s probably referring to the promised Launcher and Cataclysm realm. Synergie on the other hand will keep progressing under the Sunwell brand. At this stage, it’s uncertain whether Synergie will continue the original idea of a “Season Realm”.


?Here is the full message:

Hello everybody! Hope you’re having a wonderful week! This is just a quick announcement to inform everyone of the future of this server, and I would hate to keep you guys in the dark. As some of you might’ve noticed, Loken has been demoted from the position of Admin. That is because…

me and Loken will be hosting our own WOTLK server under Game Freedom!

We are super excited about that! It’s going to be my first time being full pledged owner of a server where I won’t have to fit in anybody’s expectations and will be making all the decisions from start to finish! I can’t reveal many details yet, but I promise you, I will be as devoted to that server as I’ve been to Sindragosa ever since stepping up to this position. Our next project will have all the QOL features Sindragosa did, alongside some really fun tweaks like PVP Levelling Guild, Blizzlike mode, additional Raid difficulties, and many more! But I’m sure all of us, myself included are tired of empty promises, so I will always strive to show you guys our progress and be as transparent as I can. I’ve been a player myself many times, and I know how frustrating it can be to just be promised things that never come to fruition.

What does the future hold for Sindragosa?

Synergie will be rebranding back to Sunwell! Since I will be moving onto my own project, this server will get a new owner with roots dating back to the original Sunwell, who will decide how he wants to handle the next steps of the realm, and Maelstrom. Hopefully we will have that figured out until ICC launches so I can give you guys more details, but there isn’t much I can say right now. Until Sindragosa gets another owner, I will be here to keep the server afloat.

I think that’s about it for now. I just wanted to add that my main goals as a host of my own project will be- transparency, creation of Community Council and making sure promises made are delivered on. Thank you so much for reading through, have a good day!

– Calypso


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